Molecular Physics Early Career Researcher Prize (2014)

In recognition of his work on a long-range correction for multi-site Lennard-Jones models and planar interfaces (2014), Molecular Physics 112 (17): 2227-2234, Stephan Werth was awarded the 2014 Molecular Physics Early Career Researcher Prize. Congratulations!


Molecular dynamics world record (2013)

We made it! A team led by Wolfgang Eckhardt and Alexander Heinecke broke the world record in system size for MD simulations and simulated over four trillion molecules on the SuperMUC using ls1 mardyn (previous record: about one trillion molecules). Congratulations!


K. Ruud (left) honours the new world record with the PRACE ISC 2013 Prize. Recipients: W. Eckhardt, J. Vrabec, A. Heinecke, M. Horsch, A. Bode.